How to DIY cool car vent decorations with your favorite scent.

How to DIY cool car vent decorations with your favorite scent.

diy car air freshener

I started to DIY my car’s scent a few months ago and I’ve never been happier with the way my car smells. I never had a smelly car, but I just wanted to make my car have a nice ambience to it. I wear perfume because I love it, so why not perfume my car?

Here is how I scent my car. I start with my clip on air vent freshener that is specifically made for doing DIY scents. You can place a cotton ball inside it fragranced with whatever essential oil you would like. Vanilla and sweet orange smell great and are easy to find. Peppermint are eucalyptus are brightening and purifying scents, and there are plenty of floral scents that you can try that are super girly.

Put about 4 drops of essential oil in the cotton ball, then place your cotton ball in the DIY air freshener. You can combine similar essential oils for a nice combination: lemon and orange go great together because they are both citrusy.

My ultimate secret to customize your car’s scent is to use your favorite perfume, and then decorate your air vent clip in a way that complements your perfume’s scent. If you are using a floral perfume, glue a camellia or rose on your vent clip. If you are using a sweet scent, glue on some colorful rhinestones that look like candy. The possibilities are endless, get creative and have fun!

diy car vent clip

How to apply door handle scratch guard stickers to Mini cooper (and other vehicles)

Here is an instruction how to install the door handle scratch guard stickers:

Same procedure for all patterns (British Jack flag as example here).

British Jack flag Door handle guard mini cooper

First step: Make sure the area behind the door handle is clean before installation.
Second step: Spray water over the area behind the door handle evenly (make sure the whole area is wet).

British Jack flag Door handle guard mini cooper Installation
Third step: Find the center of the area behind the door handle, locate the center of the sticker to that spot.
Fourth step: Press the sticker from center to the edges and make sure all water underneath is squeezed out.
Fifth step: Let it air dry.

You can remove it anytime. Just peel it off (it will not do any damage to your car).

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