Are you thinking of purchasing car seat covers for girls? Then here is a range of girly car seat covers available at CarSoda for the comfort of your back and treat for your eyes. You will find both universal and unique design for your car seats. Seat cover cushions come with an anti-fading plastic feature including a urethane foam filling. The fabric is mostly stretchable which covers both back and front of the seat. The material of these cushion covers is washable and easy to remove. Some cover also offer a feature of upholstering against dirt and spills. The universally design seat cover are not recommended for air bags as they would not fit. They can however fit both car and truck seats. Instead of the expensive company made seat covers that are only available in a few color/design, you can now select from a range of colorful and stylish seat covers that are also price efficient

Car seat covers - Star Wars Inspired.


Do you want to drive through the galaxy in a starship at incredible speeds? These Star Wars car seat covers are a cool way to make your car look like it is from Star Wars. We designed them so that they look like storm troopers, but even if you don’t know anything about Star Wars these car seats have a...

Garfield Car Plush Seat Cover


Garfield Car Plush Seat Cover FEATURES Three comfortable and cute designs. Great for  Garfield fans and kids. More Garfield products. Listing is for 1 piece.

Hot Pink Car Seat Covers


Everything in pink. That is your motto, and these seat cover for girls who love pink are perfect for you. They remind of us Barbie, so if you are a Barbie girl, these pink car accessories are fun way to make your car more sassy and cute. Barbie likes everything new and perfect, and these seat covers keep your car...

Pink car seat covers - Keep Calm and Carry On.


Every girl wants to stay cool, calm and collected while being girly and pretty. These pink car seat covers remind you to keep calm and carry on, whatever life brings. The baby pink color is soft and soothing, so you will be in an easy-going, positive mood whenever you drive, and we think a positive attitude is the best beauty...

Purplize Your Ride-Purple car seat cover with Rhinestone bling Five-pieces-set


Get ready for a royal ride with our regal purple car seat covers. These purple car seat covers are in a fabulous color and they are custom embellished with chunky, sparkly bling and sumptuous satin bows, making them extra fancy and unique. Every girl who loves to ride in style loves seat covers, but these seat covers are for the...