Gear Shift Handbrake Cover

Girly Gear Knob Covers and Handbrake Covers

Gear knob covers and handbrake covers are great for keeping your car in the best condition possible. A gear knob cover protects the part of your car you touch the most while driving, and with a matching handbrake cover, you can make your car look stylish and girly.

Our Gear knob covers and handbrake covers come in styles that match our other accessories so that you can make everything in your car match perfectly. Plus, these covers are easy to attach or remove and they fit snugly on most gear shifts and hand breaks, making them safe. They also make great gifts because people often forget to customize their gear shifts and handbrakes in their own cars.

If you have any special requirements to make these accessories work better for you car, simply leave a note when you are placing your order so that we can make these accessories perfect for your ride.

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