Car Sun Shade

Car Window Shades for Baby and Moms

During those beautiful, sunny summer days when you are out at the beach or enjoying a big scoop of ice cream, you car can get scotching hot. The best way to keep your car cool in the summer is using car sun shades.

There are plenty of benefits to using car sun shades. If you have fabric seats, a car sun shade can help prevent your fabric from fading, or if you have leather seats, blocking the sun will keep your leather soft and supple, and they will prevent your leather seats from cracking or getting dried out.

Our car sun shades prevent over 99% of UV rays, keeping your car in mint condition. If you have a baby or child these sun shades are especially important because children are much more sensitive to the sun than adults. Most sun damage happens before the age of 18, so it is important to block out harmful UV rays while they are young.

Sun shades are a great choice because they are easy to install and detach and they’re adjustable to fit any car, which is great if you only like to use them in the summer months. If you use them year round, you will like these sun shades because you can still open and close your windows while using them. These shades are so practical that all car owners should have.

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