Car Window Shades for Baby and Moms

During those beautiful, sunny summer days when you are out at the beach or enjoying a big scoop of ice cream, you car can get scotching hot. The best way to keep your car cool in the summer is using car sun shades.

There are plenty of benefits to using car sun shades. If you have fabric seats, a car sun shade can help prevent your fabric from fading, or if you have leather seats, blocking the sun will keep your leather soft and supple, and they will prevent your leather seats from cracking or getting dried out.

Our car sun shades prevent over 99% of UV rays, keeping your car in mint condition. If you have a baby or child these sun shades are especially important because children are much more sensitive to the sun than adults. Most sun damage happens before the age of 18, so it is important to block out harmful UV rays while they are young.

Sun shades are a great choice because they are easy to install and detach and they’re adjustable to fit any car, which is great if you only like to use them in the summer months. If you use them year round, you will like these sun shades because you can still open and close your windows while using them. These shades are so practical that all car owners should have.

Car Window Covers - Garfield UV Curtains for Infant


Garfield and Odie are two hilarious pals that almost everyone can relate to. You are either one or the other, the too-cool and too-lazy Garfield, or the hyper and funny Odie. Whichever you are, express your personality with these car window covers. They are a fun way to start conversations with your friends while you are driving because Garfield is...

Car Window Shades - Owl UV Curtains for Car


Owls are a symbol of knowledge, so if you’re raising your own little genius these car window shades are a great way to show it off. Curtains for car safety are important for protecting your child from harmful UV rays and keeping your children less distracted during car rides. The complex pattern will keep some younger kids busy while they...

Custom Auto Sun Shades- Minnie UV Curtains 2X


Cool custom auto sun shades like these UV-shielding Minnie Mouse curtains are rare finds. We love the design on these shades because they are mature and sophisticated, so you can use them as a baby window shade or just fabulous curtains for your car’s interior. The pink roses on the black bakground are a girly but cool design that looks...

Mini Cooper/Countryman Sunroof UV Sunshade with LOGO For F56 F55 Clubman


Mini Cooper/Countryman Sunroof UV Sunshade with LOGO For F56 F55 Clubman Product Specifications: The sun shade for Mini cooper countryman sunroof will help lower temperature and  maintain the interior of your mini. Easily insert on. Fits all MINI models. This listing is for 1 piece. You will need two pieces to cover entire sunroof. See other personalized MINI cooper/clubman/countryman accessories....

Mini Cooper/Countryman Windshield UV Sunshade UK Union Jack Flag LOGO


Product Specifications: A sun shade  will help to cool your steering wheel and protect interior of your mini. Dimension after folding: 20cm x 20cm x 10cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 3.94in) Fits all MINI models. Here is a video instruction of how to install and fold this MINI cooper windshield sunshade. See other personalized MINI cooper/clubman/countryman accessories.

Mini LOGO Cooper/Countryman Windshield UV Sunshade


Product Specifications: A sun shade blocks the damaging rays of the sun and reduces the heat inside the car. UV sun shades will help reduce the temperature by blocking UV sun rays. It will help to cool your steering wheel and protect the LCD televisions and DVD players and other electronics, which will in turn provide a longer life for...

Rear Window Shade for Baby - Dinosaur Car Window UV Curtains


 Does your little child, nephew, niece or grandchild love dinosaurs? Car window curtains that suit your little one’s interests are smart way to make your child enjoy car rides more while protecting their delicate skin from the sun. This rear window shade for baby safety set will keep your young ones calm with their smiling dinosaur faces, help prevent car...

Sun Shade for Baby - Little Train Pattern UV Shield


Do you have a young child that loves playing with toy cars, trucks, or trains? These cute car sun shades are great for a little boy who likes trains especially. You can help keep your little one stay nice and cool in the car with these easy to install sun shades, and the colorful pattern will keep your child in...

Window Cover for Car - Mickey Car Window UV Curtains 2X


If you really want to darken your car and help your friends, passengers, or children relax while you are driving. These black Disney car curtains are an excellent choice. Sometimes your passengers just need some sleep, and this window cover for car darkening will help people nap, even in the middle of the day. The black and grey is also...

Window coverings- Mickey Car Window UV Curtains 2X


Car window coverings- Mickey Car Window UV Curtains 2X If you really want to block out UV rays and keep your child’s delicate skin safe from the harmful sun, this baby car shade is designed specifically for that. Babies are at risk of sunburns even more than anyone else because of their thin and soft skin. When you put your...

Window Shade for Baby - Mickey Car Window UV Curtains 2X


Mickey Mouse is a whole lot of fun, and you can make your car rides more fun with a car window shade for baby infants, toddlers, or children. If you’re a Disney lover looking for something that is chic and not too childish, this design is nice and simple without being too busy. They give your car a neat, classic...

Window Shades - Camo UV Protection Curtains


Baby Car Window Shades  - Camo UV Protection Curtains Keep your car cool, fun, and cute with these curtain-style shades. If you have a girly-girl daughter, these window shades for cars are a fun choice that they will love. Baby car window shades are a fun way to express your baby’s personality. If you have more than one child, you...