Bling Out Your Car with Rear View Mirror Charms

Car charm ornaments are beautiful hangings that mark your choices and decorative qualities. Cute car mirror charms at CarSoda enhance the beauty of your car. There are beautiful butterfly bling car charms that look absolutely stunning when you hung on the car mirror. They shine as you drive. Car charms add a personal little touch to your car, marking them as a sign of your car being your property. Car charm ornaments come in different colors, sizes and materials. Metal, crystal, zinc, plastic and more. These ornaments are also available in custom design in which you can get a quote written or have an object made of your choice. Car charms can make it easy for you to locate your car in the parking from a distance.  Order your car charm ornament now.

Air Force One Car Air Freshener Charm Ornaments


Car air fresheners do not have to be boring, in fact, they should be pretty cool. Cool rear view mirror ornaments are a better way to make your car smell fresh than those other boring air fresheners you see around. Why not make your rear view mirror charms work for you? It is nice to have rear view charms that...

Bling Car Charm - Crystal Star for Rearview Mirror Pendant


This Bling Car Charm - Crystal Star for Rearview Mirror Pendant can be your lucky star! With such a crystal girly car accessory, your car will be come more stylis and girly, which will sure impress all your friends and passengers. FEATURES Sparkling as diamonds. Dimension: 9.5inch (24cm) in length. Austrian crystals.

Car Bling Charm-Jack Union Flag Racing Checkers Pendants


These personalized rear view mirror charms come in a few different styles so that you can pick which one best fits your personality. Do you love Britain? Try one of the Union Jack themed charms. Do you love driving fast? Try the racing stripes. Even better, combine more than one to create a glittery, girly look. These crystal car mirror...

Car Charm Ornaments-Bling Hourglass Rearview Mirror Hanging Accessorry


There is nothing more luxurious than a bit of free time, and this hourglass rearview mirror charm is a blingy spin on a classic hourglass, a symbol of time. Bling interior car accessories add sparkle and glitter to your rear view mirror, and the chunky crystals in this accessory reflect light everywhere in your car. It is truly magical when...

Car Charm Ornaments-Bling Lucky Crystal Charms for Rearview Mirror


This can be your lucky star! There are many cool things to hang from rearview mirror windows, but lucky star charms are said to be symbols of good luck. Get one for yourself or someone else you think could use some good luck in their life, whether she is a new driver, your best friend, or a relative. Crystal girly...

Car Charm Ornaments-Bling Water Drop Crystal Charms and Bow for Rearview Mirror


Austrian crystals are the most luxurious type of crystal available, and out of all the Swarovski crystal auto accessories available, this one is the chicest. This is for the girl who is stylish and loves elegant, classy designs, but still wants to have sparkle in her life. The single pendant crystal is big and makes a statement, while the black...

Car Charm Ornaments-Hanging Gear and Pearl Rear View Mirror Charm


Do you love glitter and bling? This is one of the prettiest cute girly car accessories because it looks like a waterfall of pearls and crystals. Swarovski crystal car accessories are a great way to make your car more fun to drive in. This one is for the girl who is not afraid to show off her love for bling....

Car Charm Ornaments-Hanging Swan and Pearl Rear View Mirror Charm


This is the most graceful of the Swarovski crystal car emblems, because swans are a symbol of grace and beauty. Car rearview mirror hangers are great to tell people who you are, and using symbols like swans is a subtle way to show your love for all things graceful and elegant. Swans are also the bird of romantic love, so...

Car Charm-Bling Rhinestones Crystal Swan Rear View Mirror Ornament


Car hanging decorations can show off your best traits and add style to you car while you’re driving. Swans are a symbol of love and grace, so this is a perfect rear view mirror crystal for anyone who wants to fall in love, or is already in love. Also, if you love nature or if you think swans are beautiful,...

Car Hanging Charm-Crystal Pearls Pom Pom Rear View Pendant


If you want a fluffy, cute girly accessory, this is a great one. It looks like the puffs available from luxury brands like Fendi and Dior. High fashion is always in style, and you don’t have to only use this as a car rearview mirror ornament, you can buy it in more than one color and then use it as...

Car Mirror Charm-Camelia with Bow for Rear View Mirror Pendant


Car Mirror Charm-Camelia with Bow for Rear View Mirror Pendant FEATURES Color available:Hot Pink/Pink/White/Black Dimension: 11inch (28cm) total length. Shiny and sparkly. Here is our entire collection of  car mirror charms.  

Car Mirror Charm-Crystal Cameo and Fur Ball Rear View Ornament


Sapphires are said to have a calming effect because of their deep blue color. This sapphire themed crystal furry car ornament is great for calming you down as you drive. Whether you are on your way to work, to a lunch date with your friends, or just going on a nice weekend drive. Bling interior car accessories lift your spirits,...