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You are a girl who likes to do things her own way. This is why a DIY car vent air freshener is for you. Decorate it the way you want with whatever you want. We love to decorate our DIY air vent clips with flowers, high fashion logos and rhinestone decals. Then you get to choose your own scent. Do you love super girly floral scents? Then use some floral essential oils to scent your car. Freshen your car up with citrus scents like lemon, grapefruit or orange, or purify your car with eucalyptus and mint. Any scent or design you choose will look great because it will suit your personality. Have fun!


  • 1 set=5 clips.
  • Design includes a container where you can put a cotton ball and add essential oil or other scent you would like in your car.
  • Fits both vertical and horizontal air conditioning vent grille bar.
  • You can hot glue a decorative badge/logo/flower/whatever you like onto the clip to make it a cool decoration for your car.
  • Flowers are not included for this listing (only clips).
Here is an instruction on How to DIY cool car vent decorations with your favorite scent.