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Why Selling Girly Car Accessories.

Why Selling Girly Car Accessories.

Car accessories were formerly mostly known as the ‘man-zone’. However, women are now buying over half of the new cars and are more willing to customize their cars.

Since we started 3 years ago as Carsoda on etsy, our goal was to provide a personal touch to the interior of your car. We were mainly selling steering wheel covers, seat belt covers, grab handles and headrest pillows back then. Now moving to our own website, we have expanded our product lines and added a list of appealing options of decorative car accessories for girls. Most of these designs are original and handmade. This list includes our featured ‘bling your ride’ series, ‘cute little things for cars’ and special lines for ‘wedding car decors’, ‘Mini decors’ and ‘VW beetles decors’. No offense to guys who are driving these cars but data shows that these rides are mainly to be girly.

Here at, it is the right place for turning ordinary-looking cars into your personal statements. Dress up your car and get a lots of headturns now.

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