Out of all the different wedding decorating you will do for your big day, your wedding getaway car is the place where you design with the most emphasis on your relationship type. Whether you are a sporty couple, a stylish couple, a classic couple or a modern couple, your relationship’s specific style or your shared interests are usually somehow incorporated into the getaway car’s decorations.

Customized Decals

Wedding Just Married Getaway Car decal

Just married car decal

Getaway cars also offer a lot of freedom with the design. If you have a color scheme or design scheme throughout your wedding, you can match your getaway car to it, or you can have fun and do something different that matches the season or complements the color and style of the car that you chose for your getaway. We carry some beautiful accessories for spring, summer, autumn or winter weddings that your guests will remember.


Just married getaway car flower

Just married getaway car flowers


Just married wedding car decoration

Just married wedding car decoration idea


Just married wedding car decoration


wedding car getaway decoration

wedding car getaway decorations


just married car plate getaway

just married wedding car plate getaway

Making sure you get all the small details for your getaway car is important too. If you want your car to really stand out, a great way to add that extra touch is to also apply flowers or decorations to your door handles. You can keep things simple with a small bouquet or roses, or you can add more drama with beautiful ribboned ones.

Simple bouquet of roses

wedding car decoration bouquet

wedding car decoration bouquet

Beautiful ribbons

ribbons for wedding car decoration

ribbons for wedding car decoration

ribbons for wedding cars decoration


You can also get creative with placement to makes things stand out more. Try putting flowers on the roof of your car, or on the side view mirrors. If you want to make your car completely decorated, put flowers in the more conventional places like the hood or trunk of the car, then add even more decorations on the door handles, side mirrors, and roof.

Flowers on car

flowers for wedding car

flowers for wedding cars

flowers for wedding car decoration

Finally, one of the most important parts of the getaway car is the classic trail of ribbons or bells following behind the car as you drive off to your romantic getaway. Attaching a cute “Just Married” sign is a must have, and attaching it to the car as a temporary license plate is a creative idea that many brides love. You can get really stylish and fun with this. Show off your unique style with our different accessories specifically for the dramatic getaway effect.

License plate style

just married license plate wedding car

Sign style

Just married sign for wedding cars

Just married decoration for wedding car

Just married sign for wedding car

Just married sign for wedding car

Just married sign for wedding car

Pretty, summery style

Don’t forget that you can always DIY your getaway car decorations to make them more personal using our DIY materials. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  • April 26, 2016
  • Liz Carsoda
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