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Giraffes have recently become an internet phenomenon because of all the funny things they do. Their long necks make them look hilarious whether they are running, drinking water or bumping into each other and getting tangled up. The truth is, giraffes are funny, so this giraffe print steering wheel cover is for the girl with a great sense of humor and a funny personality. Giraffe print is also a rarer print that is only seen in the most luxurious interior design, so it is a good choice if you want something new and different that not many other people will have. If you are not sure what size your steering wheel is, you can check out this sizechart.


  • Fits tightly to 14-15'' steering wheels.
  • Customize for free. Just leave a message if you need a bigger or smaller size. 
  • An anti-slippery lining was added to provide most grip.
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