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If changing the color of entire car body seems too time-consuming and risky for you, here is an alternative and much easier way to transform your car. Using the fluroscent neon 3M tape, you can create a totally different car by just outline the the trims of the car body. Your car will look fantastic during night time espeically due to the reflection. This 3M tape is avaialbe in 4 colors. The width of the tape is 1cm or 2 cm. The length is 45 meters. This can also be used on car interior, dashboard, motocycles, bicycles, hoverboards, snowboards or anywhere you want. Easy application and removing. Will not leave any adhesive when you remove it with blow dryer.

Dimension: 1cm x 45m (0.4x1800 inch) or 2cm x 45cm (0.8x1800 inch).