Bling Your Car Ride This Mother’s Day

Bling Your Car Ride This Mother’s Day

A girl needs to personalize her car to make it her own. A guy can get car accessories to make it macho and masculine, but where can a girl make her car girly? If you’re on the lookout to get amazing girly car accessories this Mother’s Day, then is the place for you! It stocks trendy and fashionable items that will add the bling to your mechanical thing!

Car Accessories are gaining more traction with drivers all over the world and brings to you beautiful girly car accessories that will wow the special lady in your life. Mother’s Day is around the corner and what better way to express your love and appreciation for the woman in your life by showering her with gifts by taking the bling in her car accessories up a notch. Help your mum find the perfect girly car accessories from this website that is wholly dedicated to helping women find items to decorate their ride.

Your mother would definitely love the products in the catalogue and you can surprise her with a polka dotted steering wheel cover, or a bling car rear view mirror cover that transforms her car’s interiors into something totally fashionable.

Adding the Bling to her car

A car’s interiors can sometimes be very boring, as all factory made interiors have the same look. If your mother would like to personalize her vehicle with her own unique personality, surprise her with a gift from the girly Bling collection like our bling your ride rhinestone crystal flower air vent decoration or our pink bling bunny car air vent mounted accessories.  From a Hello Kitty styled decoration to butterflies, a delicate fairy to a bunny – these fun but fashionable decorations are just the accessory every girl needs! The Bling would add the Oomph factor to her car and the best thing of all, these classy styles would transform her car into a statement that will make all the other ladies green with envy.

Flowers and Polka Dots: The Ultimate Girly combo

If Bling is not her thing, introduce her to the polka dotted steering wheel cover with chiffon flowers. This product is the perfect combo of girly yet stylish and will blend in well with any car’s interior. Or if she would like just a small feminine touch, this daisy flower car accessories air vent decoration is the perfect touch. It is small, but beautiful and brings in a touch and look of the outdoors to the interiors. These products emphasize femininity and are so realistically hand crafted, that you will be hard pressed to know that it is not real. Even the trash in her car can get a stylish home with the bling your ride pink crown leather rhinestone water resistant car trash can. You’ll definitely be adding a girly touch to her car with this item. Not only is it extremely stylish, it is also practical with its water resistant property.


Styling your Mother’s car is not a new thing, but with these amazing funky products from, decorating a car’s interiors has never been easier. In fact, many car companies and girly car accessory companies have gained a lot of popularity over the years, and if the special woman in your life loves shiny bling things, faux leather, flowers, polka dots or more, you really needn’t look any further. Driving need not be the same again with all these lovely girly car accessories. So make this Mother’s Day special for the special woman in your life and shop at!

Perfect Girly Gift Ideas for Your Daughter’s Car

Perfect Girly Gift Ideas for Your Daughter’s Car

Car anytime makes an ultimate gift. But then who settles down for anything less. Obviously your teen would like to make the space her own as much as she can by personalizing the car to match her own taste and personality.  Regardless of whether you have observed or not but your child will be more interested in how the car looks than how well it runs.

If you want to help your teen add her own personality to her car, you can help her easily. There is a complete website dedicated to helping young women and teens find accessories that will help them  decorate out their ride their own ways. offers wide array of options for young teens to personalize and make their space their own. makes it easier than you think to help your teen daughter with girly car accessories so that she can add her own personality to her car. If your daughter is driving an older well loved car, she would definitely appreciate any effort that goes towards making the car look new. You can help her give a re-touch by gifting her a set of bow style pink car seat covers, A Polka Dots Steering wheel cover with Chiffon Flowers or a matching Bling Car Rearview Anti Dazzle Mirror with Multicolor Rhinestones crystal Rear View Cover. You will find almost all of the auto accessories at that a girl need to add her own style and comfort to her wheels.

If your daughter wants to customize her car with her personality, she will surely like the most sought after collection of girly Bling Your Ride-Rhinestone Car Air Vent Bling Decoration or Crystal Flower Air Vent Decoration. These are universal designs and will go well on any car or SUV. At, you will find some of the most popular Rearview Mirror Rhinestone crystal Cover Rear View to decorate the car by adding color and style. Another excellent option is to add Pink Bling Bunny Car Air Vent Mounted Decoration that is both decorative and functional.

At you will also find Hot Pink Camellia Car Air Vent Bling Pearl Pendant available in a variety of styles, which is excellent for a newer model. In fact you can add a thrill by giving a twist with a Bling Car Rearview Anti Dazzle Mirror with Multicolor Rhinestones crystal Rear View Cover.

This was just a sneak peak of what you can expect to fund at In fact once you visit the website you will explore variety of other ways in which you can plan fun girly car accessories and unique graduation gifts ideas.


Car Accessories for Girls

Car Accessories for Girls

Nowadays not only man can modify their cars. Where can a girl, who absolutely loves her car too much, shop for the girly and statement-making set of seat covers, steering covers, back seat organizer, or even car trash cans for it, which are girly and unique? has a wide range of appealing options for those who wish to purchase girly car accessories. With girls today wanting to “bling their ride”, a wide range of pretty, cute, bling, sparkly, loud, neon, funky, (and any other adjective that truly exemplifies being girly) accessories are available. 

With car accessories for girls gaining a lot of popularity recently, many leading motor vehicle accessory stores have begun to stock up on a variety of fun, creative options for all ages. Online sites and stores which are dedicated to catering to these products have sprung up in the last few years.

What’s Available
From steering wheel covers with flowers that have flowers or bows on the side for the interior, girly car seat covers with rhinestones, bling air vent decorations to pink crown , customized license plate holders, bling rear view mirror accessories and customized car center console cover. Girls today have a lot of options if they want to turn their plain-looking vehicle into a statement that can make a lot of heads turn. If you are fascinated, and cannot wait to dress up your personal car, or you just recognized what a great gift something of this sort would be for the special women in your life, we can help your personalize with a variety of unique products which you can select from to fully customize your car.

A woman knows no greater happiness than that of truly being empowered, and with her car being a representation of her free soul, wanting to make it reflect her own inner style is nothing but a natural tendency. So do not hold back in spoiling yourself, your car, and the people who ride with you, with all the amazing mind-blowing accessories to embellish your motor vehicle with. And men, make your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter feel on top of the world when you give them something to spruce up her car. Having a car is really great but personalizing it to match your style is a different feeling altogether. That's why boys like to go crazy kitting their cars but now, women who want to give a feminine touch to their set of wheels have plenty of choices too.

Products featured in the above picture:

Polka dots steering wheel cover with flower; $18+freeshipping


Why Selling Girly Car Accessories.

Why Selling Girly Car Accessories.

Car accessories were formerly mostly known as the ‘man-zone’. However, women are now buying over half of the new cars and are more willing to customize their cars.

Since we started 3 years ago as Carsoda on etsy, our goal was to provide a personal touch to the interior of your car. We were mainly selling steering wheel covers, seat belt covers, grab handles and headrest pillows back then. Now moving to our own website, we have expanded our product lines and added a list of appealing options of decorative car accessories for girls. Most of these designs are original and handmade. This list includes our featured ‘bling your ride’ series, ‘cute little things for cars’ and special lines for ‘wedding car decors’, ‘Mini decors’ and ‘VW beetles decors’. No offense to guys who are driving these cars but data shows that these rides are mainly to be girly.

Here at, it is the right place for turning ordinary-looking cars into your personal statements. Dress up your car and get a lots of headturns now.

Why I moved my business from Etsy to a Shopify online store.

My sister Nancy and I quit our jobs 3 years ago when we became moms-of-three and started to sell on Etsy (like a lot of moms do). Thing went pretty well and we had 3 stores running received over thousands of five stars feedbacks. Also we started to get some returning customers.

One of the stores we had was Carsoda where we were selling customized steering wheel covers, seat belt covers and other matching accessories. Etsy helped us gained a lot of customers. So why did we close our stores there and move here? Well, Etsy is a marketplace for selling handmade things as everyone knows and after our business starts to grow bigger, we noticed that there are a lot of girly and fun car accessories that we would also love to sell so our customers can decorate their cars with the most unique way. Some of those products are from OEM factories so obviously not handmade. That was the main reason we have created this website.