Introducing more custom made car accessories for dog and cat lovers

Introducing more custom made car accessories for dog and cat lovers

As a dog and cat owner, I know just how important and special pets are meant. That’s why some of our dog/cats related car accessories are always among our best sellers.

A great example is this I love my Schnauzer - Car Air Vent Decoration.

 I love my Schnauzer - Car Air Vent Decoration

And the matching keychain.

Personalized Schnauzer Keyring Cowhide Dog Key chain leather charm

We received so many inquiries from pet owners to request more designs. So now we are introducing more custom-made dog and cat related car accessories.

24 different dog/cat types are designed for this car decal. Including Black cat in car, Schnauzer in car, Poodle in car, Samoyed in car, Golden Retriever in car, Husky in car, Gray cat in car, Corgi in car, Ragdool cat in car, Bichon Frise in car, Border Collie in car, Collie in car, Shetland sheepdog in car, Westie in car, Old English sheepdog in car, French buuldog in car, Shiba inu in Car, Alaskan Malamute in car, Doberman in car, Yorkshire Terrier in car, Pomeranian in car, Labrador in car, Orange cat in car, Jack Russell Terrier in car. More designs will be added soon.

You can also send us the picture of your own pet and the dimensions of the decal you want and we will customize accordingly.


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What you should know when you decide to design your own garage?

The garage is a great place to protect your car from the weather. This is a multifunctional space. It can be used both for its main purpose and for other purposes: as a storage room, workshop. Many men people make from the garage a get-together place. The atmosphere of the place is favorable for meeting friends, conversations, and pleasant pastime.

Arranging a garage is not an easy task and requires a responsible approach. There are a lot of subtleties and tricks, without the knowledge of which it will be difficult to get a comfortable space. The right garage interior is the key to success. It will help to give the room a beautiful look, organize objects and tools.

Before starting the arrangement of the garage, it is necessary to prepare a work plan. It involves the following steps. 

  • Development of a drawing of a future structure in three-dimensional format. 
  • Choice of gate type. The way they are opened can be different.
  •  Planning the location for the vehicle. It is necessary to ensure unobstructed access to its various parts and systems. The approach should be as free and comfortable as possible. 
  • Shelves, sinks, and other additional installations are located in an empty space.
  • The choice of material for finishing. It must be durable. 
  • Calculation of expenses.

How to organize a storage system in a garage 

In a garage is not only a car but a number of things that will be required to maintain it. It is important to position them so that they do not interfere or endanger the safety of the vehicle. This will help the correct organization of the storage system. 

To put things in order in the garage, you will need to install additional furniture. To find such furniture in a good quality you can use

For example, shelving. They are a great help in this process. They can be made from different materials: metal, plastic. They differ in their size and other design features. This makes it possible to choose it for any garage design: large, small.

The rack is a structure with shelves that have different widths. Tools, accessories, and other attributes can be placed there. It is quite comfortable if its height can be independently adjusted. This will allow you to store items of various sizes. It must be placed around the perimeter. Thus, it will take up a minimum of space, and the benefits from them will be enormous. 

The following elements are well suited for organizing such a system. 

  • Shelves. They are placed on the wall and therefore require a minimum of space. Comfortable to use and easy to manufacture. The walls will first need to be leveled and plastered. Shelves are placed at different heights. It is considered optimal above the level of the chin. 
  • Tools bench. They are comfortable in use since all the tools are visible and it will not be difficult to find the one you need. 
  • Perforated slabs. To them are attached holders, which differ in their length. They are well suited for placing garden supplies, ladders, and more. Also on such plates, you can fix hooks on which you can keep clothes, ropes, hoses are hung.

How to create a beautiful interior of a garage inside 

Basically, when building a garage, special attention is paid to its appearance. Of course, this is important, but do not forget about what is inside the garage. Since it will be gloomy and not presentable. Plaster on the walls, concrete floors are unlikely to help get a cozy atmosphere. It depresses and spoils the mood. This design is a thing of the past. Modern design ideas allow you to get a beautiful and comfortable room. They are based on correct finishing. For this, various materials are used. If we talk about walls, then ceramic tiles, plastic, and plasterboard panels look great. 

Floor tiles in the garage must be strong and durable. These materials have high wear resistance. They do not absorb odors and are resistant to moisture. Besides, they are durable, reliable, and non-flammable. 

It is good for a garage to use light shades. They will visually make the space large. You will need bright and rich lighting. In such garage it will be comfortable for a person to do any business, to eliminate a car breakdown.

Secrets of design

The design of the garage should be carried out according to certain rules. The tires are mounted on a wall that is far from the car. In terms of distance, the height should be equal to the bumper mount. Thus, the maximum protection of the machine from unforeseen situations will be provided. 

Leave more free space on the floor. The necessary items should be on shelves and racks. It's also important to remember about safety. The premise must have a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. 

Everything in the garage should be in its place, for this, you need to install the furniture. Mosaic tiles are perfect for decorating the garage.

When decorating a garage, you can use one style or several. A competent combination of two directions will emphasize the individuality and delicate taste of the owner. Will make it beautiful and unique. This is a great opportunity to be creative and bring the most interesting ideas to life. Setting up a garage is an interesting and exciting process. By showing imagination and spending a little time, you can turn a boring and gray room into a bright and stylish place. It is suitable for storing things and a car, for a pleasant pastime. 

Finishing materials: how to choose? 

In the garage, it is necessary to ensure safety for the car, things, and people. Specially selected wall decoration materials will help with this. 

They must be heat-resistant, easy to wash, and resistant to adverse factors. Plaster, ceramic tiles, and plastic panels meet these requirements. 

Material for wall decoration 


Concrete has fire resistance, strength, durability, long service life. But knowledge and skills are required for its mounting. Also, time-consuming alignment process. Additional costs for decorative surface finishing. 


Easy installation and low weight of sheets and affordable price. But low impact resistance of sheets. 

Ceramic tiles 

Moisture and fire resistance. Reliability and ease of care. Withstands high loads. Great weight. But also the high cost of material and installation process. 

As for the floor, it is worth considering that the weight of the car is quite large. Therefore, it is necessary to use only high-quality and strong materials. In addition, it must be frost-resistant, easy to clean, and withstand mechanical damage. 

To save space in the garage, you can put special cabinets. Perfect for arranging a garage, the concrete floor. Staining in any color will help to improve its appearance. You will need to repeat it periodically. Can be used as high-quality linoleum flooring. This option is not very convenient, since the cost of the material is high. Therefore, it is rarely given preference. 

Self-leveling floors containing epoxy are the optimal solution for a garage. Their cost is low and the quality is excellent. The floors are resistant to frost, moisture, aggressive substances, wear-resistant and durable. They are able to serve for over 30 years.

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Delivery Schedule

Orders placed between 2020.02.01 (Saturday) and 2020.02.21st (Friday) will be proceed on Feb 22nd, 2020 (Saturday).

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