Carsoda will help you to create a sweet ‘second home’ in your car in 2018.

Saudi Arabia just announced that in 2018 June, it would allow women to drive. So literally, women around the world are allowed to drive this year. For women, dressing up their cars can be as important as putting make up on the face.

But in the automotive supplies market, there are not that much products available for women drivers and that’s why we started our business. When choosing interior designs for cars, car seat covers and car accessories, men and women will obviously have different preferences. In 2018, we are launching a lot of new product collections for female drivers who are looking for unique, cute, bling car accessories which can make your car a sweet ‘second home’.

Here are some of our new collections:

  1. Personalized Initial Letter Pendant for Rearview Mirror


2.Teddy bear car decorations


  1. Flamingo Dashboard Decoration

5 Pop Culture Accessories You Can Add to Your Car Dashboard

Last year, Carsoda covered the most popular car accessories for female drivers. Continuing along the same vein, let’s explore some in-demand pop culture car accessories that girls of all ages will love!

Wonder Woman Bobblehead 

Wonder Woman made history when it shattered box office records. Forbes reports that the film earned over $820 million, making it the highest-grossing superhero origin film of all time. It’s no surprise that Wonder Woman-themed merchandise is selling like hot cakes all over the globe. If you’re a fan of the Princess of Themyscira, you can deck your dashboard out with a Wonder Woman bobblehead.

Totoro Sticker

Who can resist the cute, furry giant from Hayao Miyazaki’s critically acclaimed animated film My Neighbor Totoro? The movie is so iconic that even casual anime fans are familiar with it. Totoro may look like a physical creature but he/she is actually a forest spirit. ScreenRant even explains that the word Totoro is the Japanese word for troll, and it technically refers to all the forest spirits featured in the film. Maybe having Totoro's image around will grant you protection from the spirits!

Hello Kitty Bow Dashboard Anti-Slip Pad 

Ladies, here’s yet another pop culture contribution from Japan! Being the most prominent character from Sanrio, Hello Kitty has been the face of the brand for several decades. Because of her wide range of merchandise spanning different industries, Hello Kitty has long permeated mainstream consciousness. You can actually find a complete set of Hello Kitty car accessories, but for now, you can try this Hello Kitty Anti-Slip Pad to keep things in place while driving.

Star Wars Air Freshener/Vent Ornament 

It’s impossible to discuss pop culture without mentioning Star Wars, and the latest installations even introduced new badass women! George Lucas’ space saga has stood the test of time, and is still revered by its devoted fans. And, with the new Star Wars films, the franchise witnessed the birth of a new generation of fans. However, since the franchise has been around for quite a while, its collectibles can cost a fortune with Lottoland stating that the original Stormtrooper helmets can cost as much as $85,000. Naturally, the more iconic objects, such as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and Han Solo’s blaster command a higher price. Thankfully, you can get more affordable and smaller versions of Star Wars items. Check out the Star Wars Air Freshener in Carsoda’s collection!

Mickey/Minnie Mouse Mini Cooper Dashboard Décor

Entertainment Weekly recently shared that Minnie Mouse is finally getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an honor she now shares with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The Disney pair appeal to all ages. Mickey’s red shorts and Minnie’s polka dot head bow are both unmistakable! Consider this cute dashboard décor to show your appreciation to Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

The 5 most popular car accessories for female drivers.

The 5 most popular car accessories for female drivers.


Now there are more and more female drivers in the world and the car is no longer a man's toy. Female drivers have much more ideas for dressing up cars and transform their vehicle into their own beautiful bedroom with lots of personalities. .


So what are the most popular car accessories for female drivers? You may wonder. Let’s check them out.

No. 1 Blingbling LOGO Emblems.

Every girl loves blingbling and female driver is no exception. The easiest way to bling out your car is to use a bling license plate or change your car emblems into bling ones.



(Bling Mercedes Benz Emblem For Steering Wheel LOGO) 


No. 2 Air refreshers for cars.

 Car perfume has always been an essential part for car interior decoration. It can not only give you a fresh smell when get into your car but can also enhance the style of the car. Carsoda provides many creative Aromatherapy Supplies for cars. Some of them can be installed on the air vent and will automatically spread the fragrance when you turn on the air conditioner.

(Cactus Car Air Vent Decoration)


No. 3 Headrest and car cushions.

For female drivers, how comfortable the car interior is might be more important than how fast the vehicle can get. Car headrest pillow and waist cushion from can not only provide great support for your neck while driving but also decorate your car.

(Cyber Chrome Silver Bow Car Seat Headrest And Waist Pillow)

No. 4 Girly organizers.

Girls cannot stand any kind of car mess. Car organizers, such as trunk storage box, tissue box, cell phone holder are some great ideas to tidy your car. provides the trendiest design for all these products. If you don’t want the boring storage boxes from Walmart, you can find much more cute products here.

(Car Trunk Organizer - Pink)


No. 5 Phone stand.

With the bling phone stand, you no longer need to hold your phone or constantly look down to the map. Great for hands-free calls or daily GPS navigation. Driving will be more fun and safe!

(Bling Cell Phone Stand  Holder)

What you must find out before choosing your BMW mini model.

No matter which MINI model you own, you can find the most trendy and cutest accessories for it from our website.


There are so many different types of Mini running on the streets nowadays. Bigger ones, smaller ones, ones with S, ones without, four-door, two-door, hatchback, Johnny Cooper and convertibles. Someone can get really confused. So let me introduce some basic BMW mini models here so you can have a better idea.

Based on the performance, BMW mini can be classified into these categories: One, Cooper, Coopers and JCW cooper, representing MINI with different power levels.

1.Different mainstream engines: 1.6L (naturally aspirated), 1.6T (turbo) in May 2014 launched new mini increased 1.4T / 2.0T engine, but limited to small mini models only, mini clubman models have been discontinued.

2. Mini One as the basic model (commonly known as beggar version) for the 1.6 naturally aspirated low-power version, with 72KW, 153N.M. Mini Cooper with 1.6L and the new 1.6T low power version, respectively with 88KW, 160N.M and 90KW and 190N.M

Mini Cooper with larger power (sports version) as the 1.6T high power version is with 135KW, 240N.M.

JCW JOHN COOPER WORKS is manufactured by MINI designated conversion plant, just like the Mercedes-Benz AMG version, with higher power and better performance.


3. From the models of different interior configurations, from the simplest to most luxury one, respectively, One, Fun and Excitement.

MINI can be divided into the following models based on the functional performance:

Common: Mini, Mini Clubman, Mini Countyman (suv), Mini Paceman;



  1. Mini which commonly known as small Mini is a two door classical model. Also included ONE, COOPER, COOPERS, INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD and etc.

  1. In 2011, BMW launched Countryman in All4 (full-time four-wheel drive), 4-door, Hatchback, 16.L and 1.6T. Personalized customization should be the biggest selling point for Mini, but there are too many models available sometimes it is very difficult for customers to figure out what the differences are , for example, the difference between Countryman one and 1.6L.

countryman  cooper  1.6T

countryman coopers 1.6T

Countryman coopers ALL4 1.6T has two more air intakes (for brake calipers heat releasing).

3.Clubman is available in 2-door, left and right asymmetric door, the right side of a half door, hatchback 1.6L and 1.6L T.

4.Paceman 2 door hatchback has a similar design as Land Rover's Aurora and available in 1.6L and 1.6T.

III. BMW mini R5 *.

The first generation of BMW mini R50 (one, cooper), R52 (convertible) and R53 (coopers) were launched in Sep, 2000.

In August 2006, R56, R55 (clubman), R57 (convertible with soft top), R60 (countryman) were launched.

At the end of 2010, slightly remodeled R56LCI, R55LCI, R57LCI (both are 2-doors) were launched.

In 2011, four SUV COUNTRYMAN (cooper and cooper-s All 4) was launched as R60.

  1. So now we can easily distinguish the different model types based on the above descriptions.


    For example, MINI ONE CLUBMAN, the first word MINI is a general brand name applied for all models, the second word ONE represents the car engine which is ONE power level, the third word CLUBMAN, represents the car model.  Note: The internal configuration of the ONE model is only the basic one.

    Another example is the MINI COOPER CLUBMAN Excitement, COOPER represents the power level and the model is CLUBMAN, while the internal configuration is EX level. MINI COOPERS CLUBMAN Fun, COOPER-S is the power level and the model is CLUBMAN, while internal configuration is Fun medium level.

MINI COOPERS Countryman ALL4, COOPERS is the power level and model is Countryman, while ALL4 represents 4WD configuration, internal configuration is EX level.

Mini1.6L engine models

Model one 1.6L COOPER 1.6T COOPERS 1.6T

Maximum horsepower 98 122 184

Maximum power 72 90 135

Maximum power speed 6000 6000 5500

Maximum torque

Maximum torque speed 3000 4250 1600-5500

Find cute and customized car decorations by Make.

How to find car decorations by Make?

To get more driving fun, sometimes simple bling out girly decorations might work just as well as those expensive performance car parts, especially in traffic jams. At least you can take some cute selfies with blingbling stuff. provides the largest selection of customized girly car decorations such as rhinestone license plate frame, bling decals, cute steering wheel covers, girly car seat covers or antenna balls. You can search by Make from the following table. Some products are customized for the Make while most items are universal (which means they fit most car models). But be sure to compare dimensions of your own vehicle parts and see if they match. Send us an email whenever if you have any questions.


By Make




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